Samstag, 21. September 2013

Orc Genocide - Hero Siege game mode

Orc Genocide v1.2

Who knows the awesome "X Hero Siege" game mode for Warcraft 3? It was one of my favorited game modes and I played it for days with friends on lan parties at home or in school. The goal is to defense the castle with your hero/s. You can download the map for wc3 here:

Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Orc Genocide Version 1.0

About 10 months ago I released the first version of Orc Genocide. The critics were all over positiv, with an average rate of 4,46 (106 Votings) in the Google Play Store and over 7000 downloads(+ alot uncounted downloads from other markets).

- new start interface
- new sounds
- new icon
- some bugfixes

Next release will include:
- Overview about all units
- Options for Splitscreen

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

New Orc Jumper Minigame in latest Orc Genocide Update

Hey Folk,

I asked my employer to get 2 extra free days for the weekend, so I can spend some time in improving Orc Genocide. At first I started getting inspirative in chilling on my couch  As I got an idea how the new minigame/update may look like, I started searching for a good image base. The char is a side view of the standard orc tank and the bar consists of a middle, a left and a right part. The stone and the checkpoint flower are from another set and the white checkpoint bar on the top is made by my awesome paint skills.

You as Orc start with a very slow speed in the left. The only two things you can do are running and jumping by touching the screen anywhere, so do it good and never stop running or get blocked by stones. The game is finished as you reach the last checkpoint on the right.

Good luck and have fun.