Samstag, 21. September 2013

Orc Genocide - Hero Siege game mode

Orc Genocide v1.2

Who knows the awesome "X Hero Siege" game mode for Warcraft 3? It was one of my favorited game modes and I played it for days with friends on lan parties at home or in school. The goal is to defense the castle with your hero/s. You can download the map for wc3 here:

The new "Orc Genocide" game mode is based on Hero Siege but with some differences. You decide when the creeps behind the gates get released to battle you. As more creeps you release as more XP and gold you earn. You can even release not once a creep until the first boss in level 5 will kill you without merci. For gold you can buy weapons, armor and consumable items like health drinks. This is a beta version and contains 10 levels.

Tell me about your experience in the comments or via mail.

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