Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Strategy Game of the Year 2012 for Android

And the game of the year 2012 is: Orc Genocide

It is a must have for every tablet user because it's playable with two players on splitscreen. But works great even on phones. You have nothing to lose because "Orc Genocide" is free. The game has 100s of options how to play it.

Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Top 5 Strategy Games for Android 2012

And again i spend the sunny morning in the garden for testing some strategy games on Android. As always i used my LG 2X as test device. I played Osmos in the early beta phase on Linux and I#m happy to see it on Android, too. And so successfully, that is great. For sure Orc Genocide was a lot of fun, too. Great Little War Game is my favorite round based game. What is your favorite strategy game? Have fun :)

1. Orc Genocide

Samstag, 11. August 2012

Orc Genocide v0.4 - Update

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Orc Genocide is a strategy game combination of defending and conquering. Both opponents start with 20 lives, a mineworker and a bunch of gold coins.